WTBU Opens Huawei Eco-University "Excellence Program" Training Course


On November 23, the opening ceremony of Huawei Eco-University Excellence Program was held at Wuhan Technology and Business University. WTBU will jointly establish an ICT studio with Huawei's in-depth partner-Wuhan Keyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. to develop data communication courses Training, project research and project implementation. The two parties will carry out a training program for Huawei's data communications engineers, and set up a training class for Huawei's data communications engineers to provide a learning platform for students to deepen technology and practice in the professional direction, and enhance their confidence in future employment.

Deng Taiyong, general manager of Wuhan Keyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that he will work together with WTBU to build the ICT studio into a distinctive studio. He hopes that through training, students will no longer be limited to professional knowledge, learn more about industry knowledge, and understand the direction and field of product application, so that they can integrate into the industry better and faster in the future.