Five works of teachers and students from the School of Art and Design participated in the Fifth "College Space" Youth Art Exhibition


Recently, the 5th College Space Youth Art Exhibition of Hubei Province was grandly held at the Art Gallery of Wuhan Technology and Business University (Huangjiahu Campus). Five works by teachers and students from the School of Art and Design of WTBU were exhibited. Professor Zhou Yimin, a doctoral supervisor of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, artistic director of the Academy of Space Art, Liu Chunbing, secretary general of Hubei Artists Association, Yang Binqing, former vice chairman of the Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Hubei Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, and many other art masters attended the opening ceremony.

This exhibition displays more than 300 excellent art works selected from more than 3,000 works from 130 universities in Hubei Province. Among them, Zhou Quans oil painting Rush to Wuhan, Wang Zes Large Portrait, Peng Wenqiang's Yong Qi, Zhu Zhilin's Reminiscences about 2020and Zhang Xinyus Recalling the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party were selected.

"Participating in the fifth 'College Space' Youth Art Exhibition not only reflectthe professional standards and teaching achievements of the teachers and students of the painting department of the college, but also broadens the horizons of teachers and students and exercises their practical skills. In the future, the college will organize more people to participate in such high-level competitions"said Li Guanghui, dean assistant of the School of Art and Design.