National Road Safety Day


The 10th “National Traffic Safety Day”is coming. The Traffic Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security will launch the “National traffic safety month”from November 15 to December 14,2021! “Abide by the law and know courtesy, safe and civilized travel”, we act together. What safety tips do you need to keep in mind? Please pay attention to the traffic safety tips of walking, cycling and riding!


1.Pedestrians cross the road, look left and right and then left to make sure it is safe to cross again.

2.Stop at a red light, walk at a green light, walk safely.

3.Pedestrians cross the road, look left and right, make sure it is safe to cross again.

4.Crossing the road, you can also choose to take the street flyover, underground passage.

5.Scooter, balance, roller skating, etc. , can not ride on the road.

6.Do not play or linger near parked vehicles.


1.12 + can ride a bicycle, 16 + can ride an electric bike.

2.You must wear a helmet when you ride a bike.

3.Do not ride with one hand on the handlebars.

4.Cyclists and electric vehicles must use non-motorized lanes.

 三、Travel by car

1.When waiting for a bus, don’t stand in the non-motorized lane. Get in line one by one.

2.Do not leave the seat at will, do not walk around in the car, chasing.

3.Fasten your seat belt, front and back.

4.Don’t stick your head out of the window.

5.Observe First, then open the door. It’s safer to get on the right.

6.Don’t throw anything out of the CAR.