National Constitution Day


National Constitution Day is a festival established to enhance the constitutional awareness of the whole society, carry forward the constitutional spirit, strengthen the implementation of the Constitution and comprehensively promote the rule of law. It was voted and adopted at the 11th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress on December 4 every year. December 4, 2014 is China's first national constitution day.

What is the Constitution

The constitution is the fundamental law of the country and the general constitution for governing the country and stabilizing the country. It is applicable to all citizens of the country. It is the product of the comprehensive effect of specific social, political, economic and ideological and cultural conditions. It centrally reflects the actual comparative relationship of various political forces, confirms the achievements of revolutionary victory and realistic democratic politics, and stipulates the fundamental tasks and fundamental systems of the country, namely social system The principles of state system, the organization of state power and the basic rights and obligations of citizens.

Significance of establishing constitution

1.The establishment of "National Constitution Day" is an important ceremony to convey the concept of governing the country and ruling according to the constitution.

2.The establishment of the National Constitution Day is not only an additional memorial day, but also a constitutional "education day, popularization day and deepening day" for the whole people, so as to form a social atmosphere in which the whole country respects the constitution, the constitution is supreme and the constitution is used to safeguard the people's rights and interests.

3.The establishment of National Constitution Day is also to internalize constitutional thinking in the hearts of all national public officials. Power belongs to the people, and power is subject to the constitution. Public officials have only the obligation to serve the people and have no privilege over the people. All acts in violation of the Constitution and the law must be investigated and corrected.

The role of constitution

1.Ensure the effective operation of state power, standardize and restrict state power. By giving public power to legislative, administrative, judicial and other state organs, the constitution enables state power to operate effectively on the track of the Constitution and avoids the absence, offside and dislocation of state power.

2.Recognize and protect the basic rights of citizens. The constitution is the concentrated embodiment of the common will of the people. The people's basic rights are most clearly recognized and effectively guaranteed through the constitution.

3. Adjust the country's most important social relations and maintain social stability and long-term stability of the country. Among the various social relations of the country, the most important relationship is regulated and adjusted by the constitution. In this sense, the constitution is a mediator and safety valve for social stability. It is of great significance to solve all kinds of major social contradictions and conflicts, maintain social stability and maintain the long-term stability of the country.