Great Snow


Snow solar term

Snow”is the 21st solar term in the solar term, but also the third solar term in winter, marking the official start of the midwinter season, when the sun reaches 255 degrees longitude.

Heavy snow, the November festival, and the snow is full by now.”Heavy snow means that the weather is colder and the possibility of snowfall is greater than when the snow was light.

Three days of heavy snow

The solar term of heavy snow, the Sun Yellow Longitude reaches 255 degrees. Heavy snow, as the name suggests, a lot of snow. The ancients said: “The great, Sheng also, so far and Xue Sheng also.”. At this time of year, the snow tends to fall heavily and over a wide area.

At this time, the lowest temperature in most areas of our country dropped to 0 °C or below. Often in strong cold air front cold and warm air confrontation areas, heavy snow, or even snowstorms. Obviously, the big snow solar term is expresses this time, the heavy snow beginning time and the snow quantity degree, it and Xiaoxue, the rain, the grain rain and so on solar term, is directly reflects the precipitation solar term.

During heavy snow, there are three Hou periods: He Bu Ming (One Hou) ; he he Hu Shi Jiao (two Hou) ; Li Ting Chu (three Hou) . This means that because of the cold weather, the birds no longer sing; this is the peak period of Yin and Qi, when the so-called Sheng JI declines and Yang Qi has begun to sprout, the tiger began to have courtship behavior; “Liting”is a kind of blue grass, feel the germination of Yang Qi and pull out a new bud.

Often said, “Auspicious snow Zhao good years.”. Winter Snow cover the land, to maintain the ground and the temperature around the crops will not be affected by cold and low, winter crops to create a good winter environment. When the snow melts, it increases the moisture content of the soil, which is needed for the growth of crops in spring. The content of nitrogen compounds in snow water is 5 times as high as that in normal rain water. There are “This year, three layers of wheat cover by the pillow steamed bread to sleep next year,”the farming proverb.

Custom of heavy snow

snow-cured meat

Old Nanjing has a saying, called “Xiaoxue pickles, snow-cured meat.”. As soon as the solar term arrives, every household is busy pickling “Salty goods”. Add Star anise, cinnamon, Chinese prickly ash, sugar and so on to the Wok stir-fry cooked, to be fried pepper salt cool through, daub in fish, meat and light poultry inside and outside, knead repeatedly, until flesh color from fresh to dark, surface has liquid seepage, then put the meat and the rest of the salt into the VAT, press it with a stone, place it in a cool, dark place, take out half a month later, put the marinade into the pot and add water to boil, skim the foam, put the dried meat in the VAT, layer by layer, pour in the brine, then press on a large stone, 10 days later out, hanging in the sun under the eaves to dry to meet the new year.

Ornamental river closure

Xiaoxue fiefdom, Snow River”, the North has “Thousands of miles of ice, snow drift”of the natural landscape, the south also has “Snow flying, silver sky”charming picture. When the festival comes, the ice in the river is frozen, and people can skate and play to their heart’s content.

Heavy snow tonic

Heavy snow is a good season for "taking tonic" , known as "taking tonic in winter, fighting tigers in spring" . Winter Tonic can improve the body's immune function, promote metabolism, so that the phenomenon of cold is improved. Winter Tonic can also regulate the body's metabolism of substances, nutrients into the energy stored in the body to the maximum extent, contribute to the rise and fall of the body Yang, as the saying goes, "39 Buyi winter, the next year without pain. ". At this time appropriate warm supplement Yang, kidney bone, Yin Yijing. Winter supplements provide protein, vitamins, and easily digestible foods. Around the Big Snow Festival, a large number of citrus fruits on the market, such as Nanfeng County Mandarin Orange, mandarin grapefruit, Navel orange snow orange is the main fruit. Appropriate to eat some can prevent and cure rhinitis, expectorant cough. Days are short and nights are long all over the northern hemisphere during heavy snowfall. Hence the farmer's proverb, "the snow falls on Xiaoxue and the cooking never stops. " The days are so short that the farmer's wife has to cook three meals in a row. Can often drink ginger jujube soup cold; eat oranges, with peppermint oil prevention and treatment of rhinitis, expectorant cough.