Say no to EMO, Some tips for psychological health during the epidemic.


Dear students, the epidemic is coming again recently. Some of our relatives, friends and even classmates' health codes have appeared "yellow code" or "red code". Nucleic acid testing has begun to take place in some communities and schools. As the epidemic fluctuates, we may have to deal with one or more stressful matters, including nucleic acid tests, social distancing, uncertainty, anxiety and so on , all of which damage our emotional health. Some students may also feel worried and afraid.

What can we do when our emotional partner comes along?

The first step is to be aware of your emotion

In the face of sudden changes, our "emotional partners" may become active. Some emotional partners want to attract our attention, so their performance will be particularly prominent. Review your emotions over the past week. What kinds of emotions do you have?
The second step is to understand emotions

It's the time when emotions are normal. In particular, some negative emotions appear because in the face of changes. Thus, we need to mobilize a lot of strength to deal with it, the process will inevitably be uncomfortable, anxious, fearful ,which are very normal thing. However,It will bring some benefits. For example, we will pay more attention to epidemic prevention and cooperate with nucleic acid testing voluntarily.

The third step is ease your emotions

Each of them is very important to us, and no one is completely free of negative emotions. It is just like our shadow, which is a part of us, so there is no need to suppress and fight against it. However, it is not beneficial to be haunted by negative emotions for a long time, which may have a negative impact on our body, mind and life. What we can do to keep our emotion  positive and stable?

In order to get rid of your emotions, please learn the following tips:

1.Adjust psychological expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a marathon, not a sprint. Every event will have a ending eventually. Throughout human history, Our evolution is really a process of living with micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.). For most of us, it's just a part of our lives. Therefore, as long as we strengthen our confidence and take scientific epidemic prevention measures, we will defeat the epidemic sooner or later. We need to be prepared to fight the virus for a long time. Only by adjusting to the correct psychological expectations can we maintain a good state of mind in the case of repeated outbreaks.

2. Obtain accurate epidemic information from official channels, do not pay too much attention to negative reports, do not believe rumors, do not over-interpret the information, please actively pay attention to the information of epidemic prevention and control.

3. Tell your feelings honestly to someone you trust. When you are sad, helpless, worried, anxious, we can talk about it with friends around us. The process of talking and being listened to can also bring us comfort and support.

4. Take care of yourself. Take care of your body as well as your emotions. When we live our lives well, we may feel fulfilled psychologically. Deeply Loves the life and gain strength in our daily life.

Don't forget, we're always together! At this extraordinary time, anti-epidemic fighters are working hard to fight the disease. Please strictly cooperate with the counselor's arrangement and work. If you have any special circumstances or difficulties, please report to your counselor timely.

Let's work together to overcome the difficulties!