WTBU students won the second prize of the 8th "Xuechuang Cup" National College Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Competition


On December 11, the 8th "Xuechuang" Cup National College Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Training Event, hosted by the Joint Conference of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Colleges and Universities and undertaken by Dianchi College of Yunnan University, came to an end. Thez "Fengqi" Team composed of students Ma Jingzhong, Huang Shiyu, and Peng Biao finally won the national second prize. Teachers Liu Jiaxin and Li Xuan won the honorary title of Excellent Instructor, and Wuhan Technology and Business University won the Excellent Organization Award.

Since the start of this competition in January, a total of 150,000 teachers and students from more than 30,000 teams of 1,075 colleges and universities across the country have actively participated. After school competitions and provincial competitions, more than 230 colleges and universities have advanced to the national finals.

The competition is divided into two parts: a business plan competition and a software simulation competition. The business plan competition is completed through expert review before the competition. The entrepreneurial plans of students Ma Jingzhong, Huang Shiyu, and Peng Biao are among the best in the undergraduate group. Affected by the epidemic, the software simulation competition is conducted online. In a highly competitive virtual environment, the participating team simulates the operation of a research, development, production, wholesale and retail start-up company, and conducts 6 rounds of virtual quarterly simulation operations.

Over the years, WTBU has paid great attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, practical ability and teamwork ability. In the future, the school will further optimize the allocation of resources to provide a broader space for development and growth channels for students.