Teachers and students of WTBU went to Chuanxindian Village to carry out tourism planning and design


To help Chuanxindian Village, Jiuwanxi Town, Zigui County, do tourism planning and design, from December 10th to 12th, Mr. Song Yingbin, the dean of the Environmental Design Department of the School of Art and Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University, led 4 senior students to Chuanxindian Village. This is Song Yingbin's second visit to the village for field survey and research in the early stage of tourism planning and design.

At 4:00 pm on December 10th, as soon as Song Yingbin and his entourage arrived at the Chuanxindian Village Committee, they immediately went to the surrounding sites of the village committee to carry out on-site area measurement work, and checked the current status of the surrounding plantation park, plant species, and roads inside the park.

On December 11th, for the whole day, Song Yingbin and the university students conducted a comprehensive and in-depth visit to the core area of Chuanxindian Village. They did in-depth investigation of the current situation of the village's natural resources, infrastructure, road traffic, old houses, planting areas, etc., to collect various materials and information for later planning and design.

Combining the results of field survey and preliminary investigation, on December 12, Song Yingbin reported to the leaders of the Jiuwanxi Town People’s Government and Chuanxindian Village Committee on the tourism planning and design ideas of Chuanxindian Village, focusing on the characteristics of picking areas ,high-quality planning ideas, leisure and recuperation area, and modern agriculture area.

According to Song Yingbin, the Environmental Design Department of the College of Art and Design is based on serving local economic construction, and is committed to cultivating applied design talents with strong innovative and practical abilities. The project is introduced into the classroom and established for the purpose of social connection and curriculum practice.