WTBU has achieved new breakthroughs in horizontal scientific research and signed a number of new major projects


Recently, Wuhan Technology and Business University has achieved new breakthroughs in horizontal scientific research, signing 3 new horizontal projects, with a total amount of 2.195 million.

Among them, Liu Xionghua, Dean of the School of Computer and Automation, and Shanghai Zijie Software Co., Ltd. signed the Geely Power Research Institute Knowledge Management Project contract. The contract project funding is 1.1 million yuan. The School of Environment and Bioengineering and Junji Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. signed a project contract on environmental protection and resource utilization. The funding is 670,000 yuan. The main research contents of the project include the construction of the silt-free steam brick experimental platform, the activated carbon regeneration pretreatment of Ruibang Company and the resource utilization of filtrate, and the comprehensive utilization technology of kitchen waste biological resources. In addition, the cooperative project Design and Implementation of Intelligent Inspection of Power Equipment System between Associate Professor Liu Fang from the Department of Science and Technology of the school and Zhiweishen (Wuhan) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a contract project funding of 415,000 yuan.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in order to promote the faculty and staff to improve the level of research, serve enterprises, and promote the construction of professional characteristics and brand building, WTBU has issued a series of effective incentive policies in 2021, and the whole school is motivated to carry out horizontal scientific research work. The development and breakthroughs of these horizontal projects are aimed at actively serving local economic construction, promoting social development, and promoting the integration of production and education. The major breakthrough in funding for this project is also an important breakthrough for the school to serve economic and social development.