WTBU held the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" Research Achievement Exhibition


On December 1, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Walking Research Achievement Exhibition of the School of Art and Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University was held in the atrium of the Foreign Language Art Building. More than 300 teachers and students’ self-created shadow puppets, lacquerware, Xilankapu, woodwork and other exquisite handicrafts were on display after the “intangible cultural heritage” research activities based on Yunmeng County Museum and Maliuxi Village, Huangjindong Township, Xianfeng County, Enshi Prefecture cultural research platform from October 16th to 24th.

Some teachers and students of the School of Art also introduced the long history and production technology of traditional handicrafts to the audience on the spot, so that the audience can learn the cultural connotation of intangible heritage and feel the artistic charm while admiring the exquisite handicrafts.

Ding Dexin, a journalism major of the College of Arts and Law, watched this intangible cultural heritage exhibition and said excitedly: The exhibition is really eye-opening. The students from the School of Arts have brought the traditional craftsmanship of intangible cultural heritage to us. It allows us to get close to and feel the charm of the 'intangible heritage' culture, which stimulates our interest in learning and understanding the 'intangible heritage' culture.

 Li Guanghui, assistant dean of the School of Art, believes that the research journey of the School of Art is not only a step in the reform of the academy’s curriculum, but also an important step in the reform of college art inspection and education. She believes that the excellent traditional culture of China is the root and soul of the Chinese nation. Art students should plant the seeds of national excellent traditional culture in the design, in order to enrich the connotation of artistic works and inherit traditional culture.