Du Xingqiu came to WTBU to give a training lecture


On December 2, the second-level investigator and senior engineer of the Achievement Transformation Division of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, Du Xingqiu, was invited by the school's Ministry of Science and Technology to come to the school to conduct an exchange training meeting on the topic of Technical Contract Signing and Tax Preferential Policies.

Du Xingqiu carried out training on the content of technology contracts, the fields covered by the preferential tax policies for technology contracts, the registration process of technology contracts and matters needing attention, etc. Based on specific cases, he explained in detail the technical contract identification conditions and the process of technology contract registration and policy fulfillment, and demonstrated on-site how to register the technology contract, and analyzed and prompted the problems that may arise during the registration process. He also answered various questions that may be encountered in signing a technical contract to the participating teachers.

After the training meeting, the teachers expressed that they have benefited a lot and have a deeper understanding of technology contract registration and tax preferential policies, which is also conducive to the signing of various technology contracts in the future.