Teacher Development Center holds 2021 New Teacher Luncheon


At 11:30 noon on December 7, the 2021 Teacher Luncheon for newly recruited teachers organized by the Teacher Development Center of Wuhan Technology and Business University was held in the third conference room. Liu Shengyuan, Secretary of the School Party Committee, Xing Saipeng, Minister of Human Resources, and 21 new teachers from colleges participated in this activity. Professor Xue Lian of the School of Artificial Intelligence and Professor Huang Jing of the School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages were invited to share their teaching insights and experiences at the meeting. The luncheon was hosted by Chen Min, Vice Minister of Human Resources and Director of the Teacher Development Center.

Professor Xue Lian shared two points of teaching. First, education is the art of blanking. In the classroom, more blank design should be made to allow students to think. This kind of classroom can inspire students' creativity and the ability of self-exploration and learning; secondly, teaching is endless. Teachers must continuously improve their teaching ability and professional skills.

Professor Huang Jing shared her own teaching experiences. She encouraged young teachers to be experienced, opinionated, emotional, skillful, characteristic, and attractive. To create an efficient classroom, everyone must make adequate preparations before class. She also encouraged new teachers to participate in various teacher teaching competitions, guide students to participate in various subject competitions, improve basic teaching skills, and comprehensively enhance teaching capabilities.

Afterwards, the new teachers shared their feelings and experiences since joining the college. Everyone also made suggestions to the school in terms of teaching, training, and logistics based on their own feelings about working and living in the school.