Remember! Bill swiping is fraud!


Uncover the routine of bill swiping scam

Step 1: set bait

Liars publish recruitment advertisements through QQ group, wechat and microblog to attract target groups under the banner of "high salary" and "easy".

Step 2: win trust

Criminals create a very "professional and formal" bill brushing organization by issuing the entry process and filling in the entry application form, so as to gain the trust of the victims.

Step 3: make small profits

Criminals further fully gain the trust of the victims by issuing small task orders and returning the money immediately.

Step 4: implement fraud

After the victims pay in succession, the complexity and odd number of tasks will be increased, and the well-designed excuses such as "unfinished task" and "system failure" will make the victims fall into a mode of "circular task" and "circular payment".

Police reminder

1. There will be no pie in the sky. Any online bill swiping that requires advance payment is a fraud.

2. Be vigilant against online part-time advertisements such as "bill swiping", "reputation swiping" and "credit swiping", so as not to be credulous, greedy for profits and transfer money.

3. Once you are found cheated, you should call the police at the first time, and provide the other party's telephone number, QQ, wechat, bank account and other information in time to provide clues for solving the case.

4. In case of fraud, please call 110 immediately!