Health Code Application Instruction


Epidemic prevention and control have been normalized.

It is required to show your Health QR Code when your enter and exit from public places.

Foreigners can apply for Health QR Codes on WeChat!

What are the steps

Check here.


Step  1

Search for the “i武汉 武汉战疫" applet on WeChat. Scroll down on the homepage, you can see the entrance of "HK/Macao/Taiwan Residents and Foreigners Health Code", or enter the special area of "epidemic prevention and control".

Step  2

Fill in information and health registration. After submitting, it would automatically go to the Health QR Code displaying page.

Step  3

After the first-time submission is completed, the code page is temporarily in gray. The Health Code will be issued after the approval is completed.

Clike the button on the right side above to switch languages.

After the application and approval is successfully completed.

Open the “i武汉 武汉战疫”applet again and go to “HK/Macao/Taiwan Residents and Foreigners Health Code" to have the Code displayed successfully.

The steps are simple and easy.

Come and apply for your own Health QR Code.