The first employment skills training course (health management division) of WTBU opened


In order to effectively improve the employment skills of graduates, Wuhan Technology and Business University launched an opening ceremony of the first employment skills training class (health manager) at 9:30 a.m. on April 20 in the 225 classroom of the school's art building. Zhao Beiping, Vice President of WTBU, Yin Bei, Minister of Social Cooperation and Development, Yang Li, Vice Minister, Lv Kaibo, Vice Dean of the School of Environmental and Biological Engineering, and more than 40 senior students from secondary colleges attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Minister Yin Bei.

The Vice President Zhao Beiping pointed out that the purpose of free employment skills training courses for graduates is to enable students to master other skills in addition to their majors through training, and obtain relevant vocational qualification certificates, so as to broaden employment channels and effectively improve employment competitiveness and promote high-quality employment. He hopes that the trainees will cherish the opportunity, study hard, establish healthy concepts, and develop healthy behaviors while mastering the professional knowledge and skills of health management. At the same time, students from different colleges gather together to communicate with each other and expand their knowledge after studying.

During the training, Deputy Dean Lv Kaibo introduced the profession of health manager, the basic concepts and main skills of health management to the students. At the same time, combined with group interaction, case analysis and other teaching methods, he taught and demonstrated to the students vividly relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills of health management.

"Participating in the vocational skills training course for health managers can not only learn a skill and give us more choices when choosing a career, but also help ourselves and people around us manage health and promote physical health. The employment of graduates is really painstaking, and I am very grateful for the school's cultivation and dedication to us", said Zhang Xinqiang, a senior marketing major student in the School of Electronic Commerce.