WTBU teachers and students won 36 provincial awards in the 6th Milan Design Week University Design Exhibition


Recently, the 6th Milan Design Week - Outstanding Works Exhibition of Teachers and Students of Design Disciplines in Chinese Colleges and Universities ended. The teachers and students of the School of Art and Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University achieved great results and won 7 first prizes in the Hubei competition area. There are 14 second prizes and 15 third prizes, a total of 36 awards. The winning works of the provincial competition will continue to enter the national final evaluation.

In this competition, the picture book The Girl with Red Hair by Wei Liuchun, a painting student guided by Mr. Yuan Yi, won the first prize in the non-proposition track provincial competition. This work uses concise text and illustrations, pays attention to the coherent design of the picture, and arouses the interest of readers through interesting and decorative design. It uses digital painting to show a girl's growth story. This picture book work has been rated as an excellent graduation design work of the college in 2021.

As the main organizer of this competition, Mr. He Xuan, Deputy Dean of the School of Art and Design, said that Milan Design Week, as an international cultural and artistic exchange platform, is one of the important projects to test the achievements of education and teaching reform and innovative talent training in colleges and universities across the country. The award-winning works of this competition have set a new high in the history of the college in terms of level and quantity, which fully shows that the teachers and students of the college are constantly improving in terms of teaching quality and professional ability.

It is reported that this event is based on the guiding ideology of promoting exhibitions through competitions, and promoting education through exhibitions. It is a standard learning, communication and display platform, so as to promote the exchange and progress of design education in the country. This competition is divided into 33 divisions across the country, and a total of more than 30,000 entries have been received.