WTBU held a special lecture on engineering education professional certification


In order to further promote the school's engineering education professional certification, at 14:00 on April 21, the Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Center of Wuhan Technology and Business held a meeting in the third conference room of the school with the theme of Introduction to Engineering Education Professional Certification. The lecture was given by Guo Yiping, director of the Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Center. A total of 43 people attended the lecture, including Xing Saipeng, director of the school's human resources department, deputy deans of teaching and department heads of all secondary colleges. The lecture was presided over by Chen Min, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Director of the Teacher Development Center.

Director Guo Yiping gave a systematic and in-depth explanation on the connotation, meaning, basic process, general standards, and how to do the certification work well for the professional certification of engineering education. He combined some case introductions of engineering talent training in schools. The core of certification is to confirm whether engineering graduates meet the established quality standards recognized by the industry. It is a qualification evaluation oriented to training goals and graduation export requirements. An assessment that measures whether a profession meets specified standards.

After listening to Director Guo Yiping's lecture, the teachers said they benefited a lot. Wu Libin, director of the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering of the School of Computer and Automation, said with deep emotion: This training gave me a deep understanding of the corresponding relationship between the curriculum and the graduation ability of students in the engineering education professional certification, and compiled and revised the talent training plan for us. The syllabus of the course provides scientific and effective guidance, and we look forward to the follow-up schools to hold more trainings on the construction of the curriculum system.

This training has effectively improved teachers' understanding of the new situation and new requirements of engineering education professional certification, and has a positive guiding role for schools to carry out engineering education professional certification work, revise training programs, and promote teaching reform.