Tips on Safety Affairs during May Day 2022 at WTBU


To all students

Since May Day 2022 is around the corner, in order to enhance everyone's safety awareness and ability, there are relevant safety precautions. To guarantee your personal security and property safety and guarantee you a safe, enjoyable and meaningful school life, please read this notice carefully.

1.Enhance awareness,do personal protections well. Participate in physical exercises actively, keep the dormitory clean, do a good job of personal hygiene, and obey the regulations of HBUT during winter holiday and consciously conduct health monitoring in accordance with school regulations. Observe the school entry and exit regulations, do not go out unless necessary, keep fixed spaces of the learning and living , avoid crowds, especially places with poor air mobility, and maintain social distance in public places.

2.Learn safety tips and improve protection skills. Strictly prevent gas poisoning, accidental drowning, trampling, fire and other safety accidents to ensure personal and property safety. If you are confronted with confusions,such as academic, social or mental, you need to consult your supervisor or HBUT Consultancy Center.

3.Abide by the traffic laws and regulations consciously. Do not take a transport which is overloaded or without operating license, do not drive a vehicle or electric bicycle without licenses; do not operate drunk driving. Reduce outdoor activities on conditions of disaster weather such as fog, rain and so on.

4.Enhance cyber-security awareness. Do not participate in the unfamiliar online games,live broadcast, QQ group, WeChat group or BBS.Please report it to the police immediately if one of the cases above happened. Please express your views rationally, do not make rumors,do not believe in rumors and do not spread rumors.Enhance the awareness of financial risks and do not participate in any kind of loans.

 5.Enhance safety awarenesstake cautions of network frauds. Pay attention to your personal information safety and   take cautions of various kinds of frauds like telecommunications and network.

Wish all students a healthy and safe holiday !