WTBU held the second WTBU Scholars Forum


In order to further strengthen the construction of the school's teaching staff, create the brand effect of WTBU Scholars, build an interactive platform for teachers' academic exchanges, and present a gift for the school's 20th anniversary celebration, at 14:00 on May 5th, the Teacher Development Center of Wuhan Technology and Business University held the second Business Scholars Forum on scientific research theme in the third conference room. The lecture was given by Professor Wang Yong, Executive Deputy Dean of the School of Logistics, Associate Professor Hu Xiaoling, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism Management of the School of Management, and Associate Professor Liu Fang, Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Xing Saipeng, head of the school's human resources department, and teachers from all secondary colleges attended the lecture. The lecture was chaired by Chen Min, deputy director of the human resources department and director of the teacher development center.

Professor Wang Yong shared the case study of scientific research on the theme of Research on the Supply Chain Coordination and Decision-making of Fresh Agricultural Products, and Associate Professor Hu Xiaoling introduced various forms and paradigms commonly used in general scientific research on the theme of Types and Paradigms of Scientific Research. Associate Professor Fang made 2011-2022 Twelve Years of Teaching and Research Road Sharing from the perspectives of case analysis, normative concept understanding, and teachers' personal growth exploration.

This lecture aroused teachers' thinking on scientific research work and thesis writing methods. Everyone said that they have benefited a lot, which is of great help to the strengthening of their scientific research awareness and the improvement of scientific research literacy. They will be used in future work and learning to promote the school's scientific research work to achieve new progress.

It is reported that this series of WTBU Scholars Forum training is divided into 2 topics. Next, the Human Resources Department will hold a number of lectures for full-time teachers on topics such as scientific research methods, textbook construction, and course ideological and political research.