The "Virtual Teaching and Research Office" that the school participated in the construction was selected as the first batch of pilot projects for the construction of virtual teaching and research offices of the Ministry of Education


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of the first batch of virtual teaching and research room construction pilots in the country. Led by the teaching team of Professor Zhang Li of Harbin University of Commerce, with the participation of teachers from 10 colleges and universities including Associate Professor Huang Ying of Wuhan Technology and Business University successfully selected for the virtual teaching and research section of the course (group) teaching category.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education will start the pilot work of virtual teaching and research room construction in 2022, aiming to implement the “14th Five-Year Plan” education development plan and deployment, with moral cultivation as the fundamental task, improvement of talent training ability as the core, and modern information technology as the support , to create a teacher teaching development community and quality culture, guide teachers to return to teaching, love teaching, and research teaching, improve education and teaching capabilities, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of higher education. This time, the Ministry of Education has approved a total of 439 pilot constructions of virtual teaching and research offices. It is hoped that through 3 to 5 years of efforts, a national higher education virtual teaching and research office information platform will be built, a group of virtual teaching and research offices with advanced concepts, comprehensive coverage and complete functions will be built, and will cultivate a batch of teaching research and practical achievements, so that to comprehensively improve teachers' teaching ability.

Huang Ying, director of the Department of Business Administration, School of Management of WTBU, is one of the main members of the Virtual Teaching and Research Section of Modern Enterprise Business Operation Course, and is mainly responsible for the curriculum construction characteristics of the virtual teaching and research section and the creation of the teaching reform talent training model. She side that after a semester of teaching reform practice, the students' professional quality and entrepreneurship and innovation ability have been significantly improved.