WTBU held the freshmen military training achievement report conference


On the morning of May 10, the freshmen military training achievement reporting conference was held. Leaders of the People's Armed Forces Department of Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Liu Shengyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of WTBU, Vice Presidents Gui Yuqing and Zhang Jun, Deputy Party Secretaries Zuo Zongwen, Secretary of the Party Branch of each secondary college, all counselors and all freshmen participated in this conference. The conference was chaired by Chen Yiwen, Minister of Student Affairs.

Secretary Liu Shengyuan put forward three advice to the freshmen, encouraging everyone to work hard and live up to their youth. "First, I hope that everyone will not forget the original intention of studying and develop strong skills. Through the study and experience of the university, we can build an applied knowledge structure, an open way of thinking, and create a capable temperament and a resolute character, so that no matter how the society develops and how the job market changes, we can calmly face any difficulties in life. The second is to hope that everyone will not forget the original intention of adult, and always maintain the feelings of home and country. It is necessary to shoulder the historical responsibility, integrate the struggle of personal youth into the cause of the party and the people, strive to become a vanguard force in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, integrate one's own self into the greater self of the motherland and the people. Strengthening the ambition, backbone, and confidence of being a Chinese, live up to the times, live up to the youth, live up to the ardent expectations of the party and the people. Third, I hope that everyone will not forget the original intention of becoming a talent and have the courage to work hard. Make full use of the conditions, opportunities, and platforms created by the school to develop oneself, enrich oneself, improve oneself, present one's best and strongest side, and promote the individualized development of oneself to grow into a better one."

"The 10-day military training was very fruitful. The short time spent with the instructors not only allowed me to appreciate the style of the military, but also felt the feelings of the military. It has also cultivated a spirit of unity, cooperation and perseverance." Zhang Zhiwei, a freshman of advertising student at the School of Literacy and Law, was very emotional after the conference.