WTBU held the 2022 Education Reform and Development Application Seminar


At 10:00 a.m. on May 10, the Hubei Provincial Department of Education's education reform and development special project declaration seminar was held in the third conference room of Wuhan Technology and Business University. Vice President Li and Vice President Zhang Jun attended the meeting. The heads of functional departments such as the Office of Reform, Development and Policy Research, the Department of Academic Affairs, the Department of Admissions, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Publicity and Planning, and the Department of Party Work, as well as teachers who have submitted project declarations attended.

At the meeting, Vice President Li introduced to the participating teachers the difference between the special subject of education reform and development and other subjects. The special subject pays more attention to the research of macroscopic research and reform method, and the research station should be higher. At the same time, he pointed out that declaring teachers can focus their research on the same type of colleges and universities in Hubei Province, and focus on current hot issues. Teachers can also focus on school internal management issues, such as teaching management, scientific research management, etc. He also explained in detail the research significance of the subject, the main content of the research, and the method of writing the research methods.

Vice President Zhang Jun pointed out that he hoped that the heads of various functional departments can pay attention to the application work of the project and actively participate in it. They can combine the original research foundation to deepen and expand, improve the research station, and focus on hot issues.

Finally, the heads of various functional departments conducted a lively exchange and discussion on the application guidelines, from topic selection to research significance. Vice-principal Li also provided one-by-one counseling to teachers who have submitted their declaration forms.