WTBU launched the 2022 Reading Festival Ceremony


In order to guide students to develop good reading habits, create a strong learning atmosphere, and build a scholarly campus, at 14:30 on May 12th, Wuhan Technology and Business Universitys 2022 Reading Festival Launch Ceremony was held at the fourth conference room. School Party Secretary Liu Shengyuan, Deputy Secretary Zuo Zongwen, Assistant Principal Diao and other school leaders, representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, curator Wan Huaxi said that the library and various departments of the school will work together to make the Reading Festival a unique cultural project and cultural brand of the school. The activities will stimulate the students' interest in reading, cultivate good reading habits, and lay a solid foundation for their life-long learning. He said that in the future, the library will further improve the learning environment and service level, continuously improve and optimize the reading credit selection system, and create a better environment for teachers and students to learn and read.

"Reading is the best dialogue with ourselves. The school organizes various reading activities to help us grow our knowledge, increase our wisdom, build our ideals, broaden our horizons, and develop our future. ‘Scholarly Campus' is the most beautiful logo and brand of the school." Shen Zhiwei, a freshman majoring in Network and New Media at the School of literacy and Law, delivered a speech as a student representative.