"My beautiful encounter with China" Essay and short video contest


Do you want to tell your stories

with a Chinese friend?

Do you want to share your feelings

about China with your peers?

Do you want to record your life in China

in a brand new way?

Please join us!


International students in China and alumni graduated from Chinese universities. 

Ways to Participate

Participants may choose from either or both of the two forms (essay or short-video). All entries must be original, without having been published in other newspapers, books or websites, or being contributed to other competitions. 



1Theme: You can decide the headlines of your stories with the theme on“My Beautiful Encounter with China”. You can share your feelings and  observations of your study, your daily life and your work in China, as well as the natural scenery, urban features and cultural exchanges you have seen and experienced. 

2Language: Written in Chinese, the length of entries should be around 1,000 Chinese characters. 


Submit your video works to specified mailbox. 

Considering the theme of the competition, you may record your story in China from the eyes of an international student and express your feelings for the country through your lens. 

1Video Duration: 1-6 minutes. 

2Video Format: MP4. 

3Language: Unlimited. Apply Chinese subtitles when dubbed in other languages and apply English subtitles in other languages when dubbed in Chinese. 


1.When sending the email, , name the subject of the email as following: student number + essay / short video. The essay or video file should be named as following: your Chinese name + student ID+ title of the work. 

2.The font of the text of the essay should be Song-typeface, small size 4, 1.5 line spacing. 

3.Browse previous works on tik-tok:

4.Essay and short video: send your work to e-mail: weixingchen@nwpu.edu.cn.


June 10th, 2022 for essay competition

July 20th, 2022 for video competition