The latest epidemic prevention requirements in Wuhan


Since May 3rd, the public will be required to provide a negative 72-hour nucleic acid test or information that nucleic acid has been sampled when entering communities, neighbourhoods, schools, institutions and enterprises, various public places, travelling on public transport.

To facilitate nucleic acid testing, an expanded round of nucleic acid screening will be organised every three days from May 2nd.

Reporting requirements for returnees

Reporting time

All people coming (returning) from outside the province must report to their communities (villages), units, hotels, etc. within 12 hours of arrival.

Nucleic acid requirements

All people from outside the province must provide proof of a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and complete a nucleic acid test on the spot once after arrival in Wuhan and again on the third day after arrival in Wuhan, strictly conducting "two tests in three days".

Warm Notice

No one from outside the province will be allowed to stay in hotels or enter residential areas without a negative nucleic acid test certificate (sampling certificate) within 48 hours.

Quarantine Requirements for Returnees

The Wuhan CDC reminds the following categories of returnees that they should be isolated as required.

No.1  Medium and high risk areas

For those who have a history of residence in medium and high-risk areas in China, "10 days of centralized isolation + 4 days of home health monitoring" should be implemented until they have left the area for 14 days, and the isolation measures will be automatically lifted when the medium and high-risk areas are lifted.

No.2    Control area

For those who come (return) to China from the control areas determined by the Hubei Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, "10 days centralized quarantine + 4 days home health monitoring" should be implemented until they have left the area for 14 days, the relevant health management measures and time will be adjusted as the control areas are adjusted.

No.3    Intra-provincial mobility

For intra-provincial movement from low-risk areas, people with health codes and green codes for travel cards will be required to cooperate with nucleic acid testing on the ground (currently, Wuhan public transport and some public places require 72-hour negative nucleic acid certificates or "sampled" certificates).

Always be alert to the risk of the Covid-19

The epidemic situation is changing in real time. Before coming to Wuhan, you can call the epidemic prevention and control advisory number and the destination community in advance to ask if there are any adjustments to the epidemic prevention policy (for cities with local epidemics, it is recommended that people planning to come to and return from Wuhan to call in advance for advice!

Tel: Wuhan Mayor Hotline (027-12345), Wuhan CDC (027-12320)