Anti fraud guide for international students


Tele-fraud(电信诈骗) remains a common and persistent problem in our society. In some cases, unsuspecting victims lose their entire life savings. There were some foreign students also involved in such crime. To stop this crime, we should pay much attention to the anti-fraud in case you are used by some criminals for some crimes. The following cases are the top 9 tele-fraud traps and solutions, which can help you avoid being cheated.

1. Online social-networking fraud

Criminal suspects may post their profiles on social networks and contact you under the pretense of dating or making friends. Later, they will ask for money in the name of favors, gifts, and so on.


You must be on full alert in dating. You need to observe and gradually learn about the person you want to date in case you fall into the tender trap they set up

2.Swindlers pretending to be someone you know well

Swindlers may pretend to be someone you know well and get in contact with you QQ or Wechat, and ask you to make transfers under all kinds of excuses.


Swindlers may use various ways to make you believe they are your acquaintances, including calling you but letting you guess who they are, pretending to be your teacher, classmates, friends, or bosses, superiors, and landlords. But once they ask to borrow your money, you have to be alert and check and confirm their identities before you make the transfer.

3.Part-time job fraud

Swindlers may pretend to be online -shop owners and advertise job information online, claiming that they are recruiting people to buy things in their shops to make sales stats look better. Then they will entice you to pay with your own money first but you will expend more and more and get nothing in return.


It is understandable that undergraduates want to support themselves but simple-minded undergraduates are always the primary target of swindlersand “Click farming” is illegal in China. We suggest that students who want to find a part-time job go to Admission and Student Affairs Office of IEC for work- study program’s information. Please watch out when making money.

4.Unusual transaction fraud

Swindlers may obtain the information of your online transaction and pretend to be the seller. They will contact you and offer you a refund with the excuse that the commodity is of poor quality. Then they will ask you to log in a false website to make transfers in the name of refund.


When you receive a call from the seller, you can hang up first and check whether this is true through the official site before you deal with it.

5.False abduction

Swindlers may pretend to be gangsters or drug dealers, make up the abduction of your family members or friends, ask you to transfer money to certain accounts if you want to save them, and threaten that if you call the police, the hostages will be killed. You may be at a loss because of its urgency, then make the transfer before confirming the information, and find yourself cheated after the remittance.


When you receive the call claiming that your family are abducted, you have to stay calm and first call 110 to ask the police for help. Then contact your family and friends to check whether they are safe. DO NOT transfer your money without careful considerations.