Campus Epidemic Prevention and Control


Epidemic prevention and control is included in the normal management, and the campus prevention and control work needs everyone's joint efforts, support and cooperation.

Warm tips

Strictly abide by the regulations of local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, actively cooperate with health monitoring and nucleic acid detection, and ensure that no one is missed.

Strictly control gathering activities

All meetings, trainings and activities should be conducted online as far as possible, and large-scale offline activities should be minimized. If it is really necessary to hold them, the health monitoring and epidemic prevention guidance of participants should be strengthened according to the principle of "who holds them and who is responsible for them", and the number of participants should be reasonably determined. The number of activities in confined places should be strictly limited.

Campus management

Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the campus. All personnel entering the campus must wear masks, take their temperature and check their health codes.

Strengthen the duty watch during the summer vacation to ensure the normal operation of the epidemic prevention and control leadership system, emergency response mechanism and command system.

Strictly implement personal protection

Adhere to good living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, cleaning frequently, and using public chopsticks, and conduct self-health monitoring every day. Teachers and students who meet the conditions and have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 should take the initiative to vaccinate as soon as possible.