WTBU and well-known accounting firms set up the School of Accounting and Auditing


On the afternoon of May 15, the School of Accounting and Auditing of Wuhan Technology and Business University was inaugurated. This is another innovative measure for the school to further promote the integration of industry and education and strengthen the training of applied talents.

It is reported that the industry college is jointly established by WTBU, based on the provincial advantageous and characteristic discipline group - digital commerce and management discipline group, together with Hehe (Wuhan) accounting firm. It will face the actual needs of the accounting and auditing industry, deepen the integration of industry and education, science and education, and industry and finance through the University Institute joint to create an innovative platform for the cultivation of applied talents integrating production, learning, research, transfer, innovation and application.

Kong Jianyi, President of the school, delivered a speech on the spot. He said, taking the establishment of the College of accounting and auditing as an opportunity, the university will vigorously promote the reform and innovation of the operation mechanism of the in-depth integration of industry and education, strive to form an industrial college with outstanding talent training quality, remarkable social service results, reasonable dual division team structure, sound industry and education integration mechanism and mature joint governance system through three to five years of construction; comprehensively improve the development ability of the service accounting and auditing industry, and cultivate and deliver a large number of qualified accountants.

According to Nie Xintian, by relying on the accounting and auditing industry college, the school of Management and Hehe (Wuhan) accounting firm will focus on four aspects of work to carry out scientific research cooperation, improve the efficiency of the social service platform, jointly establish a joint scientific research team and develop industry education integration courses and teaching materials for post practice.