Nearly 20000 teachers and students were invited to eat crayfish for the 20th anniversary of WTBU


"On the school day, we are invited to have crayfish and chicken legs! This wave of school operation is so warm! It turns out that you can not only be a child in the arms of your parents, but also in Wuhan Technology and Business University!" 2022 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of WTBU. On May 21, the school held a series of activities of  celebration meals, giving 18000 teachers, students and employees a box of crayfish and chicken legs free of charge. The total number of crayfish reached 360000, which attracted many teachers and students to praise.

On the day of the activity, the school also carried out a variety of activities, including the production and carving of more than 20 food varieties such as crayfish on site, inviting intangible cultural heritage inheritors to interact with the school in paper cutting and dough sculpture, and displaying the Qianjiang River and lobster and other calligraphy and painting works, so as to enrich the cultural life of teachers and students and enhance the happiness and sense of gain of teachers and students. In addition, the launching ceremony of the school's 20th anniversary stamp products was also held that morning.

In order to build a green campus, in the afternoon of that day, the school also used the organic waste biochemical treatment machine jointly developed by the school and enterprises to timely treat the school anniversary kitchen waste, such as lobster shells, and convert the kitchen waste into organic fertilizer.