The Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center held a lecture for graduates


In order to improve the design and production level of graduation PPT for the majority of graduates, at 19:00 on May 2, the Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center held an online lecture on teaching you to effectively prepare for graduation ppt in the form of Tencent live broadcast on the premise of strictly complying with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. This lecture was given by Mei GuiGui, head of the enrollment section, and more than 400 students of the school watched the live broadcast.

Mei GuiGui started with the frequently asked questions of the PPT and shared with students the requirements for the production of the PPT, the preparation and precautions before the oral defense and the oral defense skills. In response to the questions raised by the students, she also gave detailed answers one by one. At the end of the lecture, Ms. Mei presented her carefully designed PPT to the majority of students, helping and blessing the graduates to successfully pass the graduation defense and hand in a satisfactory graduation reply.