Professor Yang Wenting won the second prize in the second Hubei University Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition


On May 17, the evaluation results of the second Hubei University Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition were announced. Professor Yang Wenting of the school of Environment and Bioengineering, Wuhan Technology and Business University, with his outstanding professional quality and teaching ability, winning the second prize of the Zhenggao group in the competition, which is the highest award of this group for teachers from similar colleges and universities in Hubei Province.

With the theme of promoting teaching innovation to create first-class Courses, this competition is divided into two links: network review and on-site review. There are many famous schools and strong players in the competition. A total of 1027 teachers (teams) from 64 colleges and universities participated in the school competition selection, 256 teachers (teams) were promoted to the provincial competition, and 60 teachers (teams) stood out and entered the on-site evaluation of the competition. After fierce competition, 9 special prizes, 9 first prizes, 18 second prizes and 24 third prizes were finally selected, and 16 colleges and universities won the excellent organization award.

In order to do a good job in the organization, selection and guidance of teachers participating in the second teaching innovation competition, the human resources department (Teacher Development Center) actively planned for the competition in accordance with the requirements of the competition, invited experts outside the school to participate in the selection of school competitions, and conducted one-on-one guidance for participating teachers during the winter vacation. On the day of the competition, all teachers were specially organized to carry out online learning to further deepen their understanding of teaching innovation, so as to provide useful reference for future classroom teaching reform and talent model innovation.

The school's teachers obtained excellent results in this teaching innovation competition, which fully demonstrated the outstanding results of the construction of the school's teaching staff. Up to now, the university has had two consecutive teachers who have made outstanding achievements in this competition, ranking in the forefront among similar universities. In the future, the school will continue to promote teaching and reform through competition, ignite the enthusiasm of teachers for research teaching through competition, further promote the comprehensive quality, professional level and innovation ability of teachers, and play a positive role in promoting teaching innovation and cultivating applied talents.