The badminton competition between the faculty and staff of WTBU came to a successful end


At 13:30 on May 19, the badminton competition for faculty and staff sponsored by the school union of Wuhan Technology and Business University was staged in the school sports center, and nearly 100 faculty and staff participated in the competition.

The competition is divided into four events: Men's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and men's mixed doubles. The competition adopts a three game two win system, in which 21 teaching staff participated in the singles competition. There are 8 groups of men's doubles, 19 groups of women's doubles and 27 groups of mixed doubles teams.

With the aim of friendship first, competition second, the competition was held in a pleasant atmosphere. The vast number of teaching and administrative staff are in high spirits, working hard with all their strength, interpreting the charm of competitive sports with sweat and passion. The badminton hall is full of excitement and cheers.

After intense competition, Xiong Dajian from the Artificial Intelligence Institute won the men's singles champion, Xuhui from the organization's two branch labor union and Yaozhijun from the Logistics group won the men's doubles champion, Liujiaxin and Yang Qin from the Ministry of educational affairs won the women's doubles champion, and Xiong Dajian and Zhang Hongyan from the Artificial Intelligence Institute won the men's mixed doubles champion. The majority of teachers and workers have said that the competition has stimulated everyone's enthusiasm to actively participate in sports, and they should bring the attitude of unity and cooperation and the spirit of hard-working to their work, so as to focus on promoting the development of the school cause.

According to Suhong, the person in charge of the competition and the executive vice chairman of the school union, the badminton competition for teaching staff is one of the important annual sports events of the school. The competition is not only conducive to creating a strong atmosphere for national fitness and strengthening physical exercise, but also enriches the spare time life of teaching staff, increases the cooperation and communication between teaching staff, improves the team cohesion, and shows the spirit of the school's teaching staff to forge ahead and pursue excellence.