WTBU held the fourth Dragon Dance Competition


In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Wuhan Technology and Business University and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, at 2:30 p.m. on May 26, the 20th anniversary culture week and the fourth school dragon dance competition hosted by the school's public curriculum department were held on the first floor of the gymnasium. A total of 9 teams from various colleges participated in the competition. After nearly two hours of competition, the College of Art and Design won the first prize.

Before the competition, the sonorous and lively gongs and drums sounded in bursts, quickly attracting the attention of the audience. A red lion and a purple lion danced and tossed merrily with the rhythm of the music. The unique shuttlecock exercise made the atmosphere on the scene hot.

After a round of fierce competition, the dragon dance team of the College of Art and Design won the first place; The dragon dance team of the Literacy school and the dragon dance team of the School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages won the second place; six teams including Applied Technology College and Logistics College won the third prize.

"The dragon is the most representative totem of the Chinese nation and a symbol of the Chinese nation's faith and cohesion. Although the training is very hard, I am very proud to be a 'descendant of the Dragon". Wang Zhihan, a 21-year-old law major student, said excitedly.

It is reported that the dragon and lion dance is a traditional Chinese national sports event, which carries a profound cultural connotation and fully demonstrates the charm of Chinese traditional culture. The competition aims to combine cultural edification with practical cultivation, integrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the campus culture in an all-round way, and fully demonstrate the vigorous and positive spirit of the students of WTBU and the master posture of inheriting the national sports culture.