Minor Heat


Minor Heat is the eleventh solar term of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar, and the fifth solar term in summer, which indicates the official start of the last month of summer season. Minor Heat means that the weather starts to get hot, but it hasn't reached the hottest yet, which is basically in line with most parts of the country. All the crops in the country have entered the stage of vigorous growth, so it is necessary to strengthen field management.

In the first stage, in the Minor Heat, there is no longer a trace of cool wind on the earth, and all the winds seem to carry hot air.

In the second stage, during the solar terms of the Minor Heat, crickets left the fields due to the heat and went to the corner of the courtyard to escape the summer heat.

In the third stage, in this solar term, eagles also like to move in the cool high air because the ground temperature is too high.

Don't eat too much in summer. At the same time, we should pay attention to comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and we should not be picky eaters or partial eaters. Some people are affected by the weather and have poor appetite, so they can eat lightly. In summer, you should eat more foods with low sugar, low salt, high carbohydrate and high protein, and try to eat less spicy and fried foods. Suitable food in summer: winter melon, white radish, tomato and other foods that help to improve gastrointestinal function; It is advisable to eat more freshwater fish and less red meat in summer. You can drink cassia seed tea, barley tea, chrysanthemum tea, mung bean soup and other beverages.