Major Heat


Major Heat is the twelfth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. Compared with the Minor Heat, the Major Heat is hotter, which is the most violent and hottest solar term in a year, and the combination of damp and heat reaches its peak at this time.

Monsoon climate is the main feature of China's climate. The high temperature of the climate is basically consistent with the rainy period, and the rain and heat are in the same period. Although high temperature and rainy weather can't help but suffer from sweltering heat, it is very beneficial to agriculture, because when crops grow vigorously and need water most, there will be plenty of rainwater supply. Summer solar terms are hot and hot, thunderstorms are frequent, and rainfall is abundant, which is the season when everything grows wildly.

During Major Heat, due to the high temperature and rain, bacteria are easy to breed, and many dead plants are damp and corrupt. At night, fireflies can often be seen flying around on decaying grass and leaves in search of food. In addition, the soil is hot and humid, which is very suitable for the growth of water-loving crops such as rice. In hot weather in the same season, rain will fall in the sky at any time.

Bitter food can not only clear away heat, but also clear away summer heat and fatigue. Therefore, eating bitter food such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, bitter buckwheat, etc. properly in the Major Heat can strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite, not only keep damp-heat evil at a respectful distance from you, but also prevent heatstroke, which can kill two birds with one stone. In addition, bitter food can also make people feel refreshed and relaxed, which is beneficial for people to recover their energy and physical strength in hot summer, and relieve or eliminate general fatigue, listlessness and other discomfort.