The School of Computer and Automation team developed the "Enrollment Plan Inquiry and Filling Aid System"


Recently, in order to facilitate candidates to fill in the application, Hubei Entrance Examination Magazine has launched the Program Inquiry and Filling Auxiliary System (http://www.hbksw. cn/), for candidates to refer to when filling out the application form. The system was developed by a team of teachers and students from the School of Computer and Automation, Wuhan Technology and Business University.

The system mainly provides candidates with auxiliary functions in three aspects. First, candidates can inquire about the enrollment plans, professional group settings and enrollment majors of the colleges and universities in Hubei in the system. Second, it provides provincial admission control scores, one-point-one-section table, and the admission scores of each institution. Third, candidates can pay attention to their favorite schools and majors according to their own scores, rankings, and line differences, and fill in after full deliberation.

Yi Yang, a member of the project team, is a graduated of the School of Computer and Automation. He is mainly responsible for project management and data processing. Talking about the system development work, he exclaimed: Thanks to four years of solid study and rich practical experience, I not only successfully passed the postgraduate entrance examination, but also had the opportunity to participate in the development of this project. Through this project, I can transfer my professional knowledge applied to actual projects, it not only consolidated my professional skills, but also exercised my independent thinking and project development ability.”