Two dance works of the School of Arts and Design won the second prize of Hubei Dance "Golden Phoenix Award"


On June 19th, the results of the 6th Hubei Dance Golden Phoenix Award (non-professional category) were announced. After two days of fierce competition and strict review by the jury, two pieces were selected by the Dance Performance Department of the School of Art and Design, Wuhan Technology and Business University. The work Pure Sea directed by Chen Liwen won the second prize in the performance category, and the work New Youth directed by Tan Shan and Yao Chen won the second prize in the work category.

According to reports, the Hubei Dance Golden Phoenix Award is the only permanent provincial literary and artistic award project in the province approved by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. It is hosted by the National Association, held every three years. A total of 92 entries were received from the province this year. Only 35 entries were shortlisted and 24 entries won awards.

The work Pure Sea takes the dream of a marine conservation volunteer who cleans up plastic waste on the shore as an entry point, and shows the harm of plastic waste invading the ocean to the dolphin and other marine life. The work uses white plastic to simulate waves and black plastic to simulate plastic waste. It is full of creativity and aims to call on people to reduce plastic waste, protect marine animals, and protect the marine environment.

Dai Helen, a sophomore in the Dance Performance Department of the School of Art and Design, participated in the performance of these two works. Looking back on her preparation and competition process, she said with emotion: "these two works have been adapted and carefully polished countless times. Four months of training has made us suffer a lot, but it has also made a qualitative leap in our dance performance level. The teachers often guide us carefully from morning to night and care for us in every possible way. It is precisely because of their strong backing that we can boldly charge on the stage and show the most perfect version of ourselves."