WTBU was approved by the Municipal Association for Science and Technology's 2022 Innovation Drive Assistance Program


Recently, the Wuhan Association for Science and Technology announced the shortlist of the 2022 Second Batch of Innovation-Driven Assistance Program Projects. The project Double-Carbon Goals-leading the Innovation and Development of Water Ecology and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Activities independently declared by the Science and Technology Association of Wuhan Technology and Business University was selected.

It is reported that the Wuhan Association for Science and Technology organized the implementation of the second batch of innovation-driven assistance plans in 2022, which aims to encourage enterprises and institutions to better utilize their own advantages, carry out in-depth scientific and technological innovation activities, serve the innovation and development of enterprises, cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and promote technology and economic development deeply integrated. This is the third time that WTBU has been approved by the Wuhan Association for Science and Technology Innovation-Driven Assistance Program, providing a platform for the school to further carry out technical research, deepen industry-university-research cooperation, and cultivate innovative talents.

Double-carbon goals lead water ecological environmental protection innovation and development technology exchange activities is a strategic direction focusing on carbon reduction in combination with my country's ecological civilization construction, focusing on the frontier of low-carbon governance in the field of water ecological environmental protection, and developing key core technologies.

"Our school relies on scientific research platforms such as Academician Wei Fusheng's Expert Workstation, Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center for Wastewater Resource Recycling and other scientific research platforms to carry out open technical exchange activities on key core technologies for scientific and technological pollution control, aiming to cultivate a group of people who are engaged in source reduction in the field of water ecological environmental protection. The high-level scientific research team of carbon, process carbon replacement, and end carbon sequestration research promotes the integration of production, education and research, the development of innovative technologies, and enhances the construction level of the school's provincial-level advantageous characteristic discipline group 'resources, environment and intelligence' discipline. The 'ecological and environmental protection' industry cultivates applied innovative talents, and provides major key technologies and technological support for industrial transformation." Liu Fang, secretary-general of the Science and Technology Association of WTBU, introduced.