Telecommunication Fraud


In recent years, fraud cases often occur through telephone, SMS, ATM or networks with the involved case amount ranging from several thousands to several tens of thousands (yuan). We specially list several fraud tricks to avoid the reoccurrence of such cases and hope you keep alert about telecommunication fraud.

Method 1.Defraud through lying about assisting to apply for visas.

Method 2.Defraud through sending SMS containing winning information with the requirement for prepaying remittance to pay individual income tax.

Method 3. Defraud through making false information about selling goods or low-priced air tickets online with the requirements for prepaying.

Method 4. Defraud through pretending to be the staff of a telecommunication company and lying about arrearage.

Warm prompts

1. Please pay attention to the information about all kinds of fraud cases and the habitual tricks used by cheaters reported by media.

2. Please buy air tickets or apply for extension of the visas in reliable organizations; do not trust strangers easily.

3. Do not easily believe the winning messages or the telephone informing the arrearage; do not remit rashly, instead you must check with the competent authorities at first.

4. Exchange currency in banks; never exchange currency with the black market or strangers.

5. Do not scan the unknown QR codes defenselessly; do not click the unknown dangerous websites, dangerous pop-up ads defenselessly: do not click the linkages sent by strangers do not discard the tickets containing individual information (such as express waybill train tickets and air tickets,etc.)

6. If you encounter with the fraud or the other dilemma, please keep calm and call the police for help.