WTBU was approved for the 2022 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of the Ministry of Education


Recently, the Department of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education issued the 2022 Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research General Project Project Approval Notice. Research on the Double-Edged Sword Effect of Employee and Team Creativity was selected as the 2022 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Planning Fund Project of the Ministry of Education.

This project is based on the background of the era that the country is vigorously promoting the digital transformation of enterprises, combined with the generally limited authorization of Chinese enterprises, and the work situation where the traditional management methods mainly characterized by command and control are still prevalent. Through the construction of a unified theoretical framework and model to explore the "double-edged sword" effect of leadership empowerment on employee and team creativity, this project hopes to guide enterprise managers to build highly empowered organizations, enhance enterprise innovation ability, and provide scientific basis for relevant government departments to formulate policies.

Wuhan Technology and Business University has always attached great importance to scientific research. In the application work of the Humanities Society of the Ministry of Education, it has carefully organized and mobilized in advance, held several scientific research work conferences, and successively invited experts and professors from famous universities such as Wuhan University and China University of Geosciences to come to the school. Guidance reports help teachers improve the level of scientific research and the success rate of national project declarations, and create a strong scientific research atmosphere.

"Scientific research is an important means to improve the level of discipline construction and teachers' teaching and research capabilities, and it is also an inherent requirement to improve the quality of talent training. Continuously condensing the subject direction and uniting the scientific research team, the high-level scientific research achievements of young teachers have continued to increase, which has provided a strong guarantee for the school's personnel training, discipline construction and social service activities", said Liu Fang, Executive Vice Minister of the Research Department.