The works of teachers and students of the School of Art and Design are unveiled at Alibaba 2022U Design Week


From August 12th to 15th, Alibaba 2022U Design Week was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. Associate Professor Li You, a teacher from the School of Art and Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University, led students to participate in the design week. Teachers and students designed rural revitalization works for Alibaba's public welfare projects. It was exhibited in the Alibaba Public Welfare Design Museum exhibition area on the Science and Technology Ecological Public Welfare Section of Design Week.

Alibaba U Design Week is one of the top domestic design visual feasts and trend design vanes. With the theme of Beyond Design and the purpose of connecting new business with design, the U Design Week this time promotes the digitization of the design industry and creates a design and art feast that is inclusive, trendy and accessible to everyone.

Wang Kaiqi, a junior student majoring in Visual Communication Design, designed the three agricultural products of Julu's local three treasures - honeysuckle, red apricots, and wolfberry in Julu. She told reporters that it took a month to do this project. From the initial online research, to the later creative conception, sketching, and completing illustrations and using them, I have repeatedly revised it many times. , and my classmates and I all feel very happy and proud that this work can be displayed at the Alibaba 2022U Design Week.”

It is reported that Associate Professor Li You has been committed to helping rural economic development through the power of design in recent years and serving the construction of beautiful villages. He led the students to provide brand design services for agricultural products in Julu County, Hebei, Zhanghe Reservoir Scenic Area in Jingmen, Hubei, aquatic agricultural and sideline products in Honghu Lake, Hubei, and Tujia specialties in Enshi, Hubei. In 2021, in the course practice, he also led students to design brands and products for Qujialing Nonggu in Hubei, completed more than 30 design services, and participated in the filming of the promotional video for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Qujialing Nonggu, which won the provincial award.