About WTBU



Honorary President Li Wuwei

He is the Vice chairman of the eleventh Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and Executive Vice President of Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang. He has long-term engaged in researches on industrial economy, quantitative economy, creative industry and economic management, and has great reputation and prestige in the academic world, and is known as the “father of China’s creative industry”. He has won the “Outstanding Contribution Award of China’s Creative Industry”, and became the first person in the theoretical cycle to win this honor.




Chairman of the Board   Peng Xiuchun

She is a member of China Democracy Promotion Association, the Top 10 innovation individuals in the national education industry, a member of the Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the Top 10 Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs in Hubei, a director of the Hubei Province Third Economic Research Association Board of Directors. With a sense of loyalty and perseverance in educational business, a sense of responsibility to revitalize private education, and a feel of unremitting to personally practice in educational business, she is fully committed to establish a high-level university that is “responsible to students, parents and the society”.




President    Chen Kuisheng

He is a professor, doctoral tutor, national outstanding teacher, famous teacher in Hubei, and he enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council, and has been selected for China Association for Science and Technology High-level Talent Project and Hubei New Century High-level Talent Project. He is serving as an undergraduate teaching evaluation expert of the Ministry of Education, a China’s engineering education professional certificated expert, a director of Chinese Construction Machinery Society, the vice chairman of the board of Hubei Metallurgical Equipment Society, the vice chairman of the board of Hubei Hydraulic Transmission and Control Society, and the vice chairman of the board of Hubei Mechanical and Electrical Integration Association.




Secretary of the Party Committee of the University    Chen Wei

He is serving as the Vice President of Hubei Private College Party Construction Research Institution, the Vice President of Hubei Institution of Higher Education Management Science Society, a managing director of Hubei Leadership Science Society. He has long-term engaged in the research on ideological and political education and management, presided over and participated in several Provincial Education Department Humanities and Social Science Projects. He has been awarded the advanced individual of the “3rd Five-Year” Law Popularization in Hubei Province, the advanced individual of Hubei Institution of Higher Education Propaganda and Ideology work of Hubei Province, and the outstanding party worker in Hubei Province.