I. Project Introduction

Summer Work & Travel is a cultural exchange project on international undergraduates launched by the US Department of State, that international undergraduates may make use of the summer time to work & travel in the US holding J1 visa. This project has been successfully practiced in other countries and regions in the world for 40 years. Each year, there are tens of thousands international undergraduates participating in this project to experience the culture and life of the US. Our university has started to introduce the Work & Travel Project to all students and teachers since 2010, and there are accumulative more than 100 students who have taken party in Work & Travel till now, among which there are 18 students in 2018 and 23 students in 2017. Students say that participating in this project not only exercises their language competence and makes them understand the US culture and customs, but also improves their capacities through working practices.

Type of work includes: 1. Theme Park, National Park: ticket seller, tour guide, administrator; 2. Fast food restaurant, restaurants: cashier, waiter; 3. Supermarket: cashier, tally clerk, warehouse keeper; 4. Hotel: restaurant waiter, receptionist, and housekeeper; 5. Fish processing: Alaska summer fishing season.

II. Project Schedule

  1. Registration time: from October to December for every year

  2. Departure time: from July to September of the next year

III. Project Gaining

  1. Working experiences in the US local enterprises; feelings of unique multi-culture in the US.

  2. To cultivate the authentic American English thinking, and to train pure American English communication skills.

  3. To enrich personal international experiences, and to increase the consideration value for applying for famous US universities.

  4. To make friends worldwide, development international interpersonal connections and have international vision looking globally.

  5. Good US visa records that will improve the success rate for going to the US.

IV. Project Expenses

RMB 21,000/person (excluding airfare and personal expenses, reference price for2018)

V. Consultation Mode

+86 02788147162/+86 02788147321